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Luigi Cortelli immigrates from northern Italy to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  He starts a small business that sells groceries from a push-cart and becomes Louis Knife in America. Knife is the English translation for Cortelli!

Image of L. Knife business in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Early 1900s

Louis adds grains and animal feed to the business as well as seasonal items like Christmas trees. With success in sales and delivery, Louis trades his cart for a storefront and becomes a distributor.

image of Louis Cortelli


Louis' son, Domero, establishes a distribution agreement with Anheuser-Busch.

image of Domero Cortelli pouring a beer.


Gerald Sheehan, Domero’s son in law, joins the company as a route salesman. The Sheehan name will come to play a prominent role in the company's future.

Image of Gerald Sheehan at his desk.


Gerald Sheehan succeeds Domero as company President.

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Sheehan Family Companies acquire Seaboard Products in Danvers, MA, increasing its footprint to include the North Shore of Boston.

anheuser busch logo


Sheehan Family Companies add an Anheuser-Busch distributor in Liverpool, NY, renaming the business T.J. Sheehan Distributing.

TJ Sheehan Distributing logo


With an eye on international beer brands, Sheehan Family Companies founded St. Killian Importing, a beer importing company based out of Kingston, Massachusetts.

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Sheehan Family Companies purchase L&M Wholesale, and adds a warehouse in Westmoreland, NY. L&M becomes Tri-Valley Beverage in 1985.

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Sheehan Family Companies expand into Wisconsin with the acquisition of Beechwood Sales and Service. Our first foray into the Midwest.

Woman at a desk with children writing.


The Sheehan family establishes the Sheehan Family Foundation, a charitable organization focused on environmental protection and education.

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Sheehan Family Companies acquire Union Beer Distributors in Brooklyn, NY.

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The Craft Brewers Guild MA portfolio joins the SFC network, establishing state-wide craft beer distribution in Massachusetts. A watershed moment for all.

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Union Beer Distributors acquires Craft Brewers Guild NY, growing the Metro NY footprint.

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The purchase of Hunterdon Distributors brings the Sheehan Family Companies into New Jersey. logo


The Sheehan Family Companies launch, a website devoted to beer enthusiasts.

Image of Tim Sheehan


Tim Sheehan succeeds Gerald Sheehan as CEO. Jerry continues with the company as Chairman.

SFC Lighthouse Icon


SFC purchases Specialty Beverage of Virginia and Legends Limited of Maryland.

SFC Lighthouse Icon


Sheehan Family Companies established two operations, Craft Beer Guild of New Hampshire and Craft Beer Guild of Rhode Island.

image of solar panels.


SFC opens a solar-powered recycling facility in Kingston, Massachusetts, furthering the company's commitment to greener operations. Cheers to sustainability!

image of Craft Beer Distributor of the year award


With its Beverage Wholesaler of the Year award, Beverage World Magazine honors SFC’s outstanding service and dedication to innovation.

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The Sheehan Family Companies expand to Kentucky, partnering with Beer House Distributing.

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SFC increases its New England footprint with Craft Beer Guild of Vermont.

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The Sheehan Family Companies complete its New England expansion with Craft Beer Guild of Maine and Craft Beer Guild of Connecticut.

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Craft Beer Guild of San Diego opens as the first Sheehan Family Companies distributor on the West Coast.

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A carefully curated selection of boutique distilleries are brought together in March of 2012 under the newly formed spirits division, Blueprint Brands.

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SFC continues to grow on the Pacific Coast with the acquisition of El Dorado Distributing, rebranding it as Craft Beer Guild of Los Angeles.

image closeup of beer and foam