Von Trapp Reigns in Multiple Awards from GIBCC

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Von Trapp Logo

This year at the 23rd Annual Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition, there were nearly 800 beers, ciders, meads, sakes, hard kombuchas, and hard seltzers that were entered, with prizes awarded in 84 categories! Von Trapp Brewing impressed this year taking home 5 awards:

In the Lager - Bohemian Pilsner category, Von Trapp took 1st place for their Pilsner.

In the Lager - Helles category, Von Trapp took 3rd place for their Helles.

In the Amber & Dark Lager - Vienna category, Von Trapp too 2nd place for their Vienna Style

In the Oktoberfest category, Von Trapp took 2nd place for their Oktoberfest

In the Strong Beer - Imperial Pilsner category, Von Trapp took 1st place for their DIPA.


Congratulations to Von Trapp Brewing, along with all the other brands that won in their categories! For a full list of the winners this year, please check out the GIBCC Website.


Other CBG Brands that took home awards this year include:

Bruaierei Weihenstephan, Wormtown Brewery, Saranac Brewery, Unibroue, Wachusett Brewing, Brooklyn Brewing, Champlain Orchards