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Old Nation Brewing Logo
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Old Nation Brewing Logo

Old Nation Brewing Co. was founded on a simple set of values: Hard work, integrity, and consistency.
What started as a passion for craft beer, evolved into a mission to brew some of the greatest beers on the planet. For 17 years, Old Nation Brewing has been doing just that.

Rooted in the German school of brewing, Old Nation Brewing has taken those timeless principles and applied them to create a roster of exceptional beers to please a diverse range of palates.
Brew Master Travis Fritts, Head Brewer Nate Rykse and Co-founder Rick Ghersi have applied their decades of combined experience toward establishing Old Nation as a respected name in the craft beer community.

Beechwood Sales is now distributing Old Nation Brewing State-wide. M-43, Boss Tweed and B-43 now available to order. And more on the way!