House Beer Radler Cans
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House Beer Radler Cans

House Beer crafted thier first ever radler by combining fresh Grapefruit juice with thier Premium Lager. The grapefruit radler just made sense, because it was something that they wanted to drink. After finding that consumers felt the same way, they decided to take it a stop further by developing a flight of Premium Crafted Radler built on the foundation of their One and Only House Lager.
House Beer blends their Premium Craft Lager with Real Fruit Juice, creating a light-bodied, uniquely balanced taste. A Whole new twist on a highly sessional favorite.

Fun fact, while the brewery originated and operates out of Venice CA, House Beer Radlers are brewed right here in Wisconsin, fresh out of Milwaukee! Package now Available. Including Grapefruit Radler, Tropical Radler and Variety Pack.