Getting Creative Cooking With Beer

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The past several months have felt bizarre as the entire world shifts into a state of seemingly permanent social distancing. Businesses have had to change their models overnight and most of us have settled into the new normal of being (mostly) homebound. It's the perfect time to get creative and try new things. It’s also a great time to revisit old favorites. 


This week, to help you make the most of time at home, we're helping folks get creative in their kitchen by trying out some of these fun, beer-infused recipes we found.


Flemish Beer and Beef Stew 


First up, is a tummy-filling, slow-cooking staple perfect for fall - a rich beef stew. This recipe (via Saveur) recommends using a Belgian-style beer with deep, dark flavor. Our pick is Chimay Premiere.


(via Saveur


Bacon Crusted Beer Mac And Cheese


Who doesn’t love a cheesy mac and cheese? It’s great as a side dish or the main dish, and it’s easy to make. We love the Bacon Crusted Beer Mac and Cheese from Melanie Makes. The recipe calls for a stout, so our pick is Allagash Black with notes of roasted barley, coffee and dark chocolate. Yum.


(via Melanie Makes)


Seafood Gumbo


Third up is another infamous comfort food - gumbo. This version from Running With Tweezers calls for a bottle of Abita Amber, and we couldn’t agree more with that choice. 


(via Running With Tweezers)



Jalapeño Beer Cheeseburger with Beer-Candied Bacon


Last, but certainly not least is beer’s favorite companion - a nice, juicy burger. The Beeroness blog doubles your fun with this Jalapeño Beer Cheeseburger with Beer-Candied Bacon. Woah. The recipe recommends an IPA, and our pick is No Resolutions from Bronx Brewery. Be sure to serve this up with a pile of fries on the side.



(via The Beeroness)


Try some of these or try your own and let us know how they taste by tagging us in a photo on Instagram (@unionbeerdist) so we can share them on our stories feed. Have fun and be creative - bon appetit!