6 Beer and Movie Pairings For the Home-Bound

Narragansett Lager and Robert Shaw from the movie Jaws

As quarantines continue, it can feel like a chore to be creative with our time these days. Our livingrooms now replace bars and theaters and our kitchens have replaced our favorite restaurants. One thing people are doing now more than ever is streaming movies. In Europe, they even had to slow down streaming speeds so the internet didn't completely collapse. If streaming has been on your list of things do more than usual, we want to help you shake things up a bit by making a few pairing suggestions. 

Here are a few brews to enjoy along side some movie classics.

Good Will Hunting 













Will serves the pompous Clark a heavy and highly-educated burn at the bar after he tries to embarrass his friend marking possibly the best scene of the whole movie.

Beer: Threes Brewing Logical Conclusion


Old School













The beer bong scene where Will Ferrell reclaimed his former reputation as ‘Frank the Tank’ with one epic chug made us cringe and applaud.

Beer: Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7















The iconic beer can crushing scene between Richard Dreyfus and Robert Shaw set the tone for their on-screen macho contest. That beer was none other than Narragansett Lager.

Beer: Narragansett Lager


Shawshank Redemption 













The rooftop scene when they all feel “free” because they each got to drink an ice cold beer made us say “ahhhh”.

Beer: Lord Hobo Freebird















Possibly the least stressful moment of this classic seaborne love story is when Jack and Rose party with the 3rd class passengers - capped by Rose’s epic beer chug.

Beer: Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale


Wedding Crashers 













This entire movie celebrated the idea of partying and toasting to new beginnings. But it’s best to stick to the weddings you’re actually invited to.

Beer: LIC Beer Project Party Crasher


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