deb lahteine headshot
I love implementing new IT solutions that help people work better!”

Deborah Lahteine

Senior Vice President

Deborah is another Sheehan Family Companies vet who has a long, productive tenure with us. She started as a sales temp back in ’93 at Seaboard, where her analytical skills were recognized and parlayed into a Sales Analyst position. She did a successful stint in the Midwest in Milwaukee as Manager of Office and Sales Administration at Beechwood. Then, we brought her back to Massachusetts to join IT. She now heads up the department as VP. When she’s not helping people work better and smarter with IT solutions, Deb is active in the local Boys & Girls Club, participates in local running events and loves to cook.

Our Team

These Starbucks-fueled computer geniuses answer the phone and email at all hours of the day and night, offering solutions and contributions that allow the organization to operate seamlessly and successfully. Their greatest hits? Building the infrastructure for four new locations, converting the accounting system of a new company, and performing major systems upgrades across all distributors. All while making sure everything else continued to work. And all that in one year!