Meet Jiant Hard Kombucha


Kombucha, all grown up.

Jiant is a better for you alcohol company dedicated to crafting the cleanest, most-refreshing hard kombuchas possible. No shortcuts, no compromises. Committed to responsibly sourcing organic ingredients, we create undeniably effervescent, low sugar, gluten free beverages without sacrificing flavor. By upholding the highest food standards, our products enhance every customers’ drinking experience through providing a crisper, cleaner, always enjoyable beverage option.

Pure ingredients. Powerful botanicals. Superior standards. A crisp, quality better-for-you beverage that can be found anywhere friends are gathered. Brewed with organic green tea and honey, Jiant Hard Kombucha is naturally gluten free and fermented to a perfect 4.5% ABV. Currently available in three flavors:


The Original

Elderflower & Jasmine

Clean, crisp, and floral with subtle notes of tropical fruit. 


Ginger & Lemongrass

Fresh, zippy, and balanced with just the right kick of organic ginger. 


Grapefruit & Hibiscus

Playful, bright, and citrusy with an undercurrent of sage.